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Aerogel fabric
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Aerogel fabric

Publisher: Nano Tech Co., Ltd.   Release time: 2020-03-30

Aerogel fabric is a kind of rubber and plastic thermal insulation materials, the aerogel particles were fixed inside the mesh structure via foaming. Nano Tech has solved the pain spot of the first generation of aerogel composite materials through continuous test and improvement, makes the aerogel fabric free dust, soft and washable, so that aerogel can also be applied to the textile fabric field.

The successful development of aerogel fabric brings a wider range of application fields to this advanced material used in the aerospace fielinitiallyNano Tech has successfully applied aerogel fabric in the fields of composite fabrics, garments, tents, sleeping bags, thermal insulation mats, insoles and other civilian products, and opens wider application prospects of aerogel materials.



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