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Aerogel Fire Prevention and Insulation Materil

Publisher: Nano Tech Co., Ltd.   Release time: 2019-05-14
Aerogel fire-prevention insulation mat is a new type of nano composite, it’s made from fiberglass blanket and silica aerogel. The surface is wrapped with high silica cloth with thermal conductivity lower than 0.020w/(m*k), it’s the best fire prevention and heat insulation material.
It has been successfully applied to the automobile body and the wall of building, pipelines, battery cabin of new energy cars, lithium iron phosphate battery box and ternary lithium battery box, etc. Aerogel fire-prevention insulation mat can save more energy and reduce energy loss. It plays a dual role in fire prevention and heat insulation of battery. It brings passengers more time to escape when the battery burns and explodes.

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