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Aerogel Removable Insulation Cover

Publisher: Nano Tech Co., Ltd.   Release time: 2019-04-17

Aerogel Removable Insulation Covers'main insulation material is aerogel insulation blanket. it'smade according to the specific shape of valves and equipments, after professional surveying and mapping and careful design. The surface of the cover is made of high silicon oxygen cloth, aluminum foil cloth and aluminum foil fiberglass cloth etc. It can be applied to different applications: LNG valves, removable covers, thermal insulation cloth for vulcanizing machines and thermal insulation quilt for reactors, etc. Compared with pipeline, insulation construction of valve, tee and flange is more difficult because of their different shapes. Aerogel removable insulation cover plays an import role in this situation, especially for the equipments which are often disassembled and cleaned. It brings our customers high comprehensive economic benefit.


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